Is Chat GPT Good for Website Content or Not?

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Every business requires a website and every website requires content so for the best Content Marketing Services AI launched a content writing tool. Chat GPT is all available in the range right now. In a few sentences, I want to explain what you want from Chat GPT to spit out serviceable written content to fulfill all your marketing requirements according to you and your keywords. It’s easy to see how Chat GPT can provide you with a high potential for abuse and turn an already lazy group of marketers who want to do marketing of their business but don’t want to write content, all while appearing to be cutting-edge and tied to fancy terms like AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Marketers and marketing agencies think they are getting golden hens for marketing content by the thousands to Chat GPT in hopes of short cutting their marketing efforts and building an SEO program in less time and less effort. All of that is probably working famously with the Chat GPT… for now. In this article, I’m going to discuss why Chat GPT and AI-generated content that we are using, in general, present a huge risk when relied upon to build an SEO program and could lead to your business being blown up seemingly overnight and how it” ll be impactful for your website.

Remembering The Google Panda Update 2011

As we all are aware of the Google Panda update which came in 2011, As long as there have been search engines and people trying to reverse engineer them to game the system, They want to increase rankings and drive more traffic on their website. Google is always releasing algorithm updates. Most of these updates are minor and barely noticeable and less impactful, but every once in a while, Google releases a significant algorithm update that has more far-reaching impacts, and sometimes due to updates to lots of the websites they lost their traffic. When it comes to Google’s long history of algorithm updates, none stand out more than the Panda update which came in 2011. Panda largely combatted content farms and other sites churning out high volumes of low-quality “thin content” on any page of the website. There were more than businesses at that time who had gone all in on this type of strategy to attract loads of search engine traffic, especially e-commerce companies who have copied content from another website, and seemingly overnight these businesses lost their most important way of generating new business for their brands and getting lot’s of revenue and were gone in the blink of an eye.

Chat Gpt Is Creating a Panda Part 2 in Future

Chat GPT is spurring a content creation revolution of the wrong kind which will impact badly in the future of all those websites which are currently using auto-generated content on their website. Just like Panda Algorithm, Chat GPT is encouraging companies whether knowingly or unknowingly to churn out high volumes of low-quality content which is currently used by most companies. Right now that is working well and the company and clients both are very happy with Chat GPT content, but Google has already issued a code red internally about the rising surge of AI content which is being used by people on search engines. AI content and Chat GPT are going to be addressed at some point by Google which is giving bad results on search engines, when and how aggressive the response will be is yet to be seen in the future result, but it’s not out of the real possibility that a Panda part 2 will release by the Google in future.

Why Chat GPT Content Is Treated Low Quality In SEO Sense

Although Chat GPT is announced as artificial intelligence content, it is much closer to a trained machine learning algorithm which is auto generated content. The GPT-3 algorithm that Chats GPT is built on is a trained deep-learning neural network that is great at predicting the next word in a piece of content which is auto-generated by the Chat GPT. Like every machine learning program, it’s only as good as the data that was used to train the model. Just write your topic and you will get a good amount of content. 

In an Overview of GPT3, The Tech Behind Chat GPT

This means that when you ask Chat GPT to create content for you according to your niche and keywords it’s largely pulling from a repository of existing web content about the topic which you have given to Chat GPT with the keywords. You can think of Chat GPT as a way to scrape or give a hit of your content on the search results for any specific topic and assemble a piece of content that matches your requirements.

The internet is already full of re-hashed content and a lack of originality which is crawled by Google every day. Anyone who has spent enough time in SEO and content marketing knows this is a recipe for good rankings and provides you with some effective results. Great content brings something new, unique, and experience-driven to the table which you are using. Content created by Chat GPT has the great advantage that content will hit occasionally and give you the hit on Google, rather than purposefully creating winning content that will give you a separate place on Google from your competitors.

Google Can Fingerprint Authors Content

Most people don’t know this important thing, but Google is capable of fingerprinting specific authors’ written content. Each of us has our own unique style of content writing, punctuation mistakes we make in every article, words we misspell over and over in approx every paragraph, and in the case of my, southern slang like the usage of “y’all in every stats It’s been hypothesized that individual authors can accrue Expertise of writing, Authority, and Trust (a key ranking signal of content writing) for specific topics that they are known to have written about in brief.


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