Important Tips to Hire Freelance WordPress Developer in India

How Do I Hire a WordPress Developer? 

Here we are going to share with you some important tips which will help you to hire a WordPress Developer for your project:

Finding a dedicated WordPress developer for your project who suits your current requirements and who is on your budget is very difficult and stressful for anyone. Below are some important key features for hiring a WordPress developer for your project.


1 Consider What Type of WordPress Developer You Exactly Require for Your Project: 

Before proceeding with your searching WordPress Developer for your project, think about your specific needs.

For instance hiring, you could create an outline of your project which you need to start, and make a list of pages you want on your website. Some specific features like an E-commerce website or any blogging website. To get an idea of what to include in your project scope, and design, you might want to take a closer look at some of your favorite websites or you can say your competitor’s website, specifically ones you want to use as inspiration. We recommend choosing a developer that offers services as this can help you secure and speed up WordPress website in various ways and complete your project as soon as possible.


2: Create a Job Post:

Creating a Job post is the very best way of finding WordPress Developer for any Project. Many recruiting websites are available in the market that will help you to find the best developer through the Job post. You can also hire a developer for your project through multiple social media AdWords. This way, prospective employees will have an idea of what you’re looking for in your specific projects. Your job post should also include essential information, such as the exact title of the Job Opening (e.g., front-end WordPress developer or back end) and whether it’s for part-time developer, full-time, or project-based work.

All important information is necessary before posting any job on any portal.


3: Prepare a List of Questions:

When you start screening WordPress Developers for your project you should have prepared some important questions related to WordPress.

Some important questions you might ask which is given below:

• What is your experience with writing WordPress code?

• Do you have experience developing custom themes and theme Integration?

• Do you optimize websites for SEO with suitable keywords and, if so, what methods do you use at the time of optimization?

• How do you typically communicate with your clients if no one is available?

• What’s the average timeline for your development projects or what time you” ll deliver this project?

• What projects have you worked on before and have you done some similar projects?


4: Check Freelance Marketplace for your Project:

There are different platforms available in the market for hiring freelancers. These platforms are helping you to hire a professional freelance WordPress developer for your project within your budget. There are some platforms like Freelance, Upwork, and Guru; these all are the platforms that will help you to hire a professional developer. As I explained above there are multiple platforms available in the market by which you can hire a developer for your project that all specialized freelance marketplace.


5: View Developer Portfolios;

This can help you better understand the designs and services they offer and what types of projects they already did. Also, if they own a personal website or blog website, that will also help you to find his/her past work. If they don’t have a portfolio or website for his/her past work, consider asking them for examples, you can also check it with the URL and ask them to tell your URL of the website on which they have worked, Developer must be ready to work remotely and also having knowledge of Managing WordPress Hosting.


Charges of WordPress Freelance Developer:  

If you are looking to hire a freelance WordPress developer for your project then you need to know about the hourly cost of WordPress developer. In India freelance WordPress developers charge $20 to $30.If you are looking to Hire the best freelance WordPress developer for your project then Isynbus is the trusted company in India that will help you to hire a professional developer for your project.


Established the Strong Relationship:

If you are looking to hire a developer then first of all you need to create virtual understanding between you and the developer because Virtual employees are your new employees.



After concluding the whole scenario of hiring WordPress Developer, It is better to review the profile of developer, commitments, packages, faith and how many years of experience having before going to hire a WordPress developer in India. There is an aspect also which you may consider like Freelance Developers that may be Full time or Part time it’s dependent on work. Once you are clear in your mind or about your existing work, you are good to go to hire an Indian WordPress developer in India. You can find the best developers from Isynbus


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