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How to hire the best developers for your startup Company? Proper guidance for non-tech founders

What exactly does it help for a startup to succeed? Does it know how to create a perfect flow chart before developing mobile apps that resonate with your brand? Non-tech founders suffer from all these questions. As such questions they face because they are not from a tech background, a particular section of society cannot accept that a non-tech founder can create an equal or similar tech product.

Non-tech founders and CEOs are trying to give proper shape to the technological world as we know it, they don’t have any comprehensive technical background. No matter their academic experience in the tech domain, they are searching the way toward success, investing much time in learning, upskilling, and finding the right talent from the market.

There are many such examples in the market where non-tech founders were able to create a great product and have been at the forefront of innovation. From Pandora, Myntra, Alibaba, Style Seat, and Tee Spring, to Tinder, Vatable, and many more, non-tech founders have been able to succeed in their businesses in the market and they are growing in the current market.

This article will help you understand how to hire the perfect developers for your startup company. In addition, we will also look at how finding developers that are a right fit for your startup can help you with your proper requirements.

Challenges which is facing finding the right talent for your startup:

When any start-up company hires a developer for their company, they are worried to find the right developer who can be perfect for the requirements. Behind this a big reason is they are not from a tech background, they don’t have perfect knowledge about technology. They are facing some issues to hire developers for the company.

One major challenge while hiring the right developer for your organization is finding the best fit for your requirements as soon as possible. Moreover, entrepreneurs need to find web developers for a startup that can further act as the right team behind your project and will help you understand the requirements and workflows of clients while offering you ways to collaborate effectively.

This article will help you all Non-tech CEOs and Owner to share insights on hiring developers for startups or onboarding an agency, along with the multiple factors affecting the process. We are sharing step-by-step guidance on finding and attracting the right developers and how to minimize the challenges as an entrepreneur venturing into the business world and how you can easily be done your work.

However, If you still think that hiring a developer is much better than outsourcing the project to another Software Company.

Look for someone with a good skill and experience set and who is capable of understanding your product’s primary code base and explicit knowledge of how specific technologies would interact with your product. And how they fit your requirements.

Furthermore, you should determine if your developer is able to manage or specializes in front-end or back-end development or simply both. At the time of hiring an In-house team, you must be capable to find a developer who is capable to handle work pressure.

But as we mentioned earlier in our blog, outsourcing your development requirements will be the best option because it will be cost-effective and beneficial for your startup. Here is a brief guide on how to select the best development agency for outsourcing your project.

A step-by-step brief guide to selecting the Best Outsourcing Agency for your business requirements

If you are looking to find a perfect software development company to outsource your good experience developer for the startup company, you should check upon a few critical aspects that will help you to determine the expertise and experience of choosing the right agency for hiring a developer.

Robust Portfolio of Outsource Agency

If you are going to hire an agency for outsourcing from where you want to hire a developer for your start-up-based company. You need to check their portfolio which type of work they did previously and whether any project they did relates to your requirement or not. You need to check the client’s reviews through the website.

Domain Expertise

Only a few agencies specialize in cutting-edge technologies in the current market and methods (such as Isynbus Technology ). Therefore, as of the certain area in which the agency has a specialization and is known for. Once you have a fair idea of the focus area of the agency which will fulfill your requirements, you can find the agency that best matches the kind of product you’re trying to develop.

Check Success Stories

To find the best software developers for your startup company, you need to determine the quality of work and organization delivers and that is further resonated with the help of client success stories which companies are adding in the testimonial section. These testimonials will give you small information about critical aspects of software development projects, such as adherence to deadlines and budgets of projects.

Able to fulfill Customization

If you are looking to hire a developer for your project you need to check, which company you are going to hire that is capable to customize your requirements or not.

A dedicated Web development agency in Noida like Isynbus has the right place that can work according to your business requirements and offer product customization while paving the way for your product to gain instant attraction in the market.

Hand-holding through ideation and post-launch maintenance

To hire developers for your startup that are the perfect fit for your requirements, you have to ensure that the outsourcing agency provides hand-holding through the entire software development process. They must be capable of working on the current requirements through the ideation phase to offer post-deployment maintenance of the product. The team must provide constant updates to the client with whom they are working and integrate modern technologies per the changing market requirements and latest demand.

Sprint Breakdown

The agency you have selected must be capable of dividing the various tasks in the form of phases this will help you determine if the offshore team is accountable and if they can deliver the sprint to the client on time.


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