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Branding and humor have generally gone hand in hand, even though the humor is frequently not aimed directly at the company. More businesses are recognizing that trying to make fun of themselves can be a successful strategy for attracting attention, even though it may seem paradoxical when selling a product. It highlights the Funny and interesting facts about brands, relatability and humanity, two qualities that are more crucial in today’s branding. Isynbus brings new information about these funny brands in detail. Read more!!

Indian Brands or Foreign Brands performed well, humor can go viral just like those funny animal memes (beware of those risky jokes). The possibility that an update will be shared to a user’s own network and so increase a brand’s social media reach is substantially higher when your brand delivers your viewers a straight poke to their funny bone or can make them laugh until their cheeks hurt.

While you might think that sharing a blog is pointless or that giving away a funny item isn’t all that meaningful, these actions actually demonstrate that your brand has a human personality and isn’t just a faceless organization.

For a good laugh, the following four brands don’t mind making fun of themselves:

Top Brands & Funny and Interesting Facts About these Brands


The use of fun in Taco Bell’s marketing and promotion is well-known, and it’s reasonable to claim that this technique extends to social media as well. Taco Bell’s Facebook and Twitter are sure to make you laugh with their use of funny images, snappy one-liners, and reactions to lighthearted criticism.

On personalized koozies, these witty one-liners would look fantastic. They are the ideal place for conveying a funny message and offering a useful gift that everyone will enjoy!

2. Internet Explorer:

The Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft has seen a lot of criticism over the years. Web Browser users have developed a reputation as being out of date, and the browser itself is regarded as being less user-friendly than Firefox and Google Chrome, its biggest competitors.

Internet Explorer’s “browser you love to hate campaign” tackled the problem head-on rather than avoiding this stigma or making an effort to recover its “cool” reputation. The campaign gave rise to a microsite and a funny television advertisement in which a young person in therapy describes an issue he has been having in which he removes Internet Explorer from every computer he comes into touch with.

From the advertisement, it appears like Internet Explorer may be attempting to tap into hipster values, which frequently bring back “square” or “outdated” items and make them hilariously trendy again, such as Pabst Blue Rib and cassette tapes. Microsoft did a fantastic job with the tv commercial, regardless of whether that was the ideal effect.

3. Dissolve:

It is impossible to laugh when watching “There is a Generic Brand Video.” Because so many brands use the same techniques, marketers and advertisers in particular may relate to the recurring themes shown in the video advertisement. You aren’t aware of which brand it is until the video’s finished. Dissolve sells the same video images that were mocked in the video.

4. ASOS:

ASOS is well known for selling a wide variety of clothes, but it is also well renowned for its sometimes strange and unusual own-brand items.

Have trouble deciding between a veil and a beanie to keep warm? You are covered by ASOS. Fortunately, ASOS uses a self-aware and humorous tone of voice to “justify” its strangest things.


People enjoy laughing, it is very obvious. We all need to joke and laugh a bit more in life, so if you’re a brand that can help us accomplish that, we’ll enjoy funny and interesting facts about brands. So keep the laughter coming! Do you want to know how to start building your brand in 2022? then stay in contact with Isynbus




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