Why is Instagram the top priority in your social media marketing Plan

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Visual content and a simple and attractive layout – appeal to more people and communicates with the audience more effectively. It is the reason the number that active users on Instagram are increases in the last few years.

It is those factors that make Instagram more effective than other social media channels for business marketing. This article will make a top reason that Instagram is a better choice for social media marketing in 2023! To make your Instagram Best Hire the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Noida.

8 Best way how Instagram helps your business to Make a Brand:

  1. A SUBSTANTIAL NUMBER OF ACTIVE USERS ON YOUR PAGE Over 75% of internet users are active on Instagram.Since January 2018, the number of Instagram subscribers has crossed 1B with 75% active users who are spending lots of time crawling Instagram. Although Facebook has almost 4B more subscribers compared to the other social media platform, its engagement score is ten times less than an Instagram platform. According to the survey, 90% of active users on Instagram are younger audiences who are spending lots of time crawling Instagram, In the ratio of males and females there is most of the females are active on Instagram. It has almost 50.8% active businesses and 95% users who follow at least one business account. With these eye-popping stats of males and females, Instagram can prove to be the gateway to your business success and help your business to make a brand.
  1. APPEALING FEATURES Instagram allows you to use different marketing strategies on live Instagram platforms to keep your users engaged with new strategies on a daily basis. The number of visitors increases through engaging features like instant stories with attractive content, messenger app, local hashtags according to the content, and insta-reels posting. You can also attract massive traffic through different strategies like hosting contests, and giveaways, creating polls accordingly, SEO, and User Generated Content that attracts an audience. Engagement, audience, and sales all are equivalent.If engagement increases then no doubt the audience will also increase and if this both will increase it” ll generate leads.
  1. AD-PLATFORM/ SELLING FEATURES IN INSTAGRAM Before some times Instagram added a new feature which is adding an Inst shop by which people can sell their items through Instagram.
  1. HIGH FOLLOWER COUNTS WILL BOOST YOUR BRAND Being a brand on Instagram is difficult but not impossible, especially when other accounts offer consumers a similar value as you are providing. Since some of them may have more followers than you and get more engagement and likes apart from that they are having more chances to generate revenue for the business, it can be complicated to grow organic followers. Many users will look at your competitors and what they are offering differently from you, see more followers on their page, and head their way instead of your page. A high number of followers can be tremendously helpful to generate revenue for a specific business. It can make your profile look more promising and attractive, which will make people more likely to follow you which directly helps you to generate business. Once they see your high-value content, they will be there to stay with you and help you to make a brand.If you are looking for boost your followers on your business page you need  to hire a Social Media Marketing Company in India
  1. FOLLOWER COUNT HAS A BEARING ON CREDIBILITY ON YOUR PAGE On most occasions in life, bigger is better. Once you increase your follower count on your social media page, you will be well on your way to becoming an influential brand in your niche which will be good for your business. Many consumers look at the number of followers related to your niche you have as a gauge of your brand’s authenticity. It is for this reason that you could buy Instagram followers to boost your following and it”ll affect your brand awareness.
  1. YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY Instagram had an algorithm that determines which companies appear in users’ newsfeeds or which ones will not appear in this. While numerous things influence this and help to get more engagement and followers.
  1. INCREASE THE ENGAGEMENT OF YOUR AUDIENCE  As noted before in this blog, some of the followers you buy will engage with your brand. It will encourage your actual followers to do comments on your post and hit the like button. Overall, this means your posts will have more circulation and attractiveness, and people will interact with you more than ever.
  1. IT KEEPS TRACK! You can track the results of Instagram through Insights and many other features, you can oversee your content performance and followers’ stats. It enables you to track your followers through gender, age, location, active status, and the best time and top content by your post. You can monitor analytics and social listing to identify the finest strategies for your business which is very important.


Your presence on all social media platforms can render great opportunities for your business and this is the best way to represent your self front of your audience. Before starting your social media account, you must hire the Best Social Media Marketing Company in India. You can get millions of potential customers with appropriate Instagram and Facebook marketing approaches. 

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