Journey of ISYNBUS Technologies


Isynbus Technologies are established in 2019, it was established by four schoolmates Kavendra, MohitJailendra & Yuvam, who studied together they all are well-educated technical people. They were sitting on a place and discussing them to open their own start-up and what happened, A Day came when they registered their own company with the name Isynbus Technologies on November -16, 2019.

Which is representing I- internet, SYN-Synchronize, and the BUS is taken from Business. We can say that we just want to start our Internet Business in real-time.

The four bosom buddies start their own company from the flat, they did not arise a hand for funding they stand in the market by their own struggle. After registration, they all start researching the current market what new technologies are coming into the market what audiences are looking for exactly they start working accordingly. That time they just have one four laptops nothing else………. Times passes….

The company was going well they were thinking to open their company in a corporative place but suddenly COVID-19 came and somewhere all four friends started seeing their dream shattered but did not lose hope.

They did not stop working they continue to make their place in the market. They face a lot during COVID-19 but time passes and after first COVID they establish their cooperative office and start their happy journey with new challenges.

Time spent well and they were happy and started thinking to grow their business sudden second COVID came, but they didn’t stop there, kept on increasing with new challenges and new ideas.

They work continues, adding their first team members to their group as email marketer, and also ready to take on new market challenges. Till the date, Isynbus Technologies delivered 500+ successful projects and has happy clients globally.

Now a day, Isynbus technologies are having 50+ employees and take the best place in the Software Market. Isynbus Technologies are serving its services in Healthcare, Events, Education, Food-Beverage and E-Com too.

“Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act, so never stop and keep increasing”


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