Restaurant Mobile App Development Services

We are Isynbus Technologies helping the food industry to develop a Mobile Application which will help them to deliver food on time and with hassle-free payment.

We are offering Restaurant App Development Solution which helps you to serve your guest healthier.

Our expert team is developing the Best Restaurant Mobile Application that will help your restaurant to represent its dishes in very different ways, by which people can download the application and select their food from the application, and order that instant. Our experts are ready to provide you with Restaurant Mobile App Development Solutions.

Food Delivery App Features

The food delivery business has a strong growth curve in the current market, and if you’re planning to build an online food delivery app oot your restaurant business, this is the best time for developing an attractive application with advanced features. What makes your food delivery app stand out from others?

Some attractive Food Delivery Application Development features are given below

Auto pickup and delivery dispatch

Manage all delivery in a single place easily.

Real-time tracking app

Performance Analysis

Rating and Reviews

Live chat with assigned agents.

Use multiple payment gateways for payment.

Return and Exchange

Innovation Starts with Defining the Right Constraints

Isynbus Technologies’ main aim is “We just want to digitalize thousands of restaurants or dinings together at one place where people will find any food-related things easily and want to make the food industry easy to reach from home.

Our application development experts are developing applications for your customers will ordering online food according to their choice, where customers can select a restaurant and there will be a digital menu available that helps to order online food. We are one the leading restaurant app development company we know how to refine the dining experience with thousands of restaurants globally by bringing a user-friendly application by which customers can order food online through the Mobile Application and make payments easily. Through the Food Delivery Mobile Application customer can track their order from restaurant to home which live GPS.

Our dedicated food mobile app developers are experts in designing and developing user-friendly and attractive mobile applications which will attract customers and will compel people to do their orders online.

Our On-Demand restaurant mobile app developers already developed 200+ mobile applications for the food industry which is still working and giving the best response in the industry. Whether you want to develop an application like Zomato or Uber Eat we are here to help you to design and develop the Best Mobile Application for your Restaurant Business.

Most Valuable Offering

Delivery Application

Auto Delivery Dispatch

Route Optimization & Delivery

Task Alert and reminder

Auto Delivery Dispatch:

Isynbus is one of the best Restaurant App Development Companies which has well-experienced Restaurant App Development Developers. Our expert team has already developed multiple applications which are containing an auto-delivery dispatch system by which we can save lots of time.

Route Optimization & Delivery:

In customer apps, Route optimization is the process of determining the most cost-efficient route which will show in the application. This is helping delivery partners to find the shortest path to deliver orders from restaurants.

Task Alert and reminder:

In Restaurant Mobile Application, Users will able to get notifications through the message that their delivery agent is reaching their place and ready to deliver food.

Manager Dashboard

Bird’s Eye business view

Agent GPS tracking & Task Status

Agent Performing engagement.

Manage rating and Reviews

Bird’s Eye business view:

The manager dashboard contains all important information on the Food delivery apps. Managers can access Admin Dashboard and Driver Dashboard and check each and everything of the food delivery Mobile Application.

Agent GPS tracking & Task Status:

In the Restaurant Finder app development and Food delivery application we have integrated a GPS tracking system by which the manager can easily track the assigned agent’s location and task and can be contacted.

Agent Performing Engagement:

In Food Ordering app Development this is a very important step. Agent engagement is a measure of the emotional commitment between manager and employee. It is important because which employee feels for the organization and its goals. It’s a sense the agent has that what they’re doing will matter, motivating them to always perform to the best of their abilities so that the agent will deliver things on time.

Manage rating and Reviews:

Through the restaurant software and apps Manager can able to manage all reviews and ratings. They can respond to every review which will come from users.

Customer Application

On-Demand Delivery App for customers:

As a leading Restaurant software and app development Company we are providing on-demand delivery applications for the restaurant industry. Where users can come and select their favorite restaurant and choose food and get on-demand delivery through the restaurant software.

Real-Time Delivery Tracking & Status update

Through Restaurant Software, customers can track real-time delivery where the order is reached, and how much time it’ll take to deliver.

Live Chat with assigned agent:

Customer Food Delivery Apps contain live chat functionality by which users can do real-time chat with assigned agents regarding their parcel and time.

Multiple Payment Method:

In Restaurant Management Apps we are giving facilities for multiple payment methods so that people can’t face payment issues during the payment. If one payment method will not work the user can use the second option.

How to Attract Customers to Your Restaurant Business Through Application?

We are Isynbus Technologies helping the food industry to develop a Mobile Application which will help them to deliver food on time and with hassle-free payment.

Our Important Restaurant App Development Process:


Detail Requirement Analysis

UIUX Designing of Restaurant Software


Restaurant application and Software Development



Support & Maintainance

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Frequently Asked Questions:

According to app development cost will start from approx $2000 to $5000. It’s up to the client’s requirements and what functionality the client wants to add.
Start by evaluating their portfolio and experience in the same industry, and check projects they did in the past that match your requirements or not. Assess their expertise in app design check apps on Playstore, user experience, and check what features are important to your restaurant. Don’t forget to consider their technical proficiency, scalability options, and post-launch support in the future.
  • Consulting
  • Detail Requirement Analysis
  • UI/UX Designing of Restaurant Software
  • Model
  • Restaurant application and Software Development
  • Testing
  • Categorization
  • Support & Maintainance
How much time will take to complete developing a Restaurant Mobile Application?
Yes, Of course, you’ll be the owner of your project. After development, we” ll share all source code of your project with you.
After development if you” ll face issues in any functionality that” ll not work properly or any minor changes in the website and application.