12 Tips to Improve the UI/UX of Your Ecommerce Website

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Are you concerned about your eCommerce site’s bounce rate? Do you ever wonder what is preventing your website’s visitors from becoming customers? While many variables contribute to high bounce rates, one of the most common is a poor user experience.

However, if you understand what your clients want, you will be able to easily align your eCommerce website design with their expectations and increase your sales. To assist you in achieving this aim, here are several strategies for improving your user experience and increasing your eCommerce sales.

When Designing the Feature Area, Go for Minimalism

When a visitor clicks on your eCommerce website, the feature area is the first visual element they see. While the design should undoubtedly focus on keeping the user’s attention, the existence of appealing animations and 3D graphics to make it entertaining may not be sufficient.

The language, graphics, and other elements of the hero page should be simple to understand. A minimalist eCommerce website design invariably draws attention to the product while also providing a cleaner and higher-quality browsing experience.

Ensure Convenience with a Strategically Placed Search Bar

A functional search bar is a basic expectation of any eCommerce website visitor. When looking for a specific product or service, most buyers have an immediate impulse to locate the search bar. A well-placed search bar on the website improves usability – most websites place it in the upper right corner of the page for easy eCommerce navigation UX.

Make use of high-resolution product images

An eCommerce website design company revolves around the things it sells, which are mostly communicated through photographs. The quality of the images immediately establishes the quality of the goods and, as a result, the sales. The more you invest in high-resolution photographs, the more likely that product will reach the checkout area.

Maintain Information Accuracy and Clarity

Today’s shoppers are wiser and smarter than ever before. They want the best eCommerce website design, but they also want their shopping experience to be easy and convenient. The market’s major players accomplish this by focusing on a design that provides the user with the necessary information while engaging with the website. It is crucial to provide critical information in a user-friendly manner while retaining the natural flow of the material.

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Understand the Checkout Page

This is an important page for an eCommerce system because it is the final step in the sales process. Because checkout page abandonment is common, you can’t afford to make any mistakes when creating this page. The area should make it simple and quick for users to make payments and place orders.

Attempt to Leave Breadcrumbs

When a user clicks on a specific product link, they should be taken to the specific product page rather than the high-level classification. This one part can make or break your eCommerce UX design. Leaving such breadcrumbs is beneficial not only to the user but also to Google crawlers and SEO.

Give Priority to Larger Font Size

The most commonly used font size is 12 points; nonetheless, it may appear too small for the best eCommerce websites and, in particular, the mobile user experience. Keeping current UX design trends in mind, 14- and 16-point fonts are commonly employed, making it easy to read on the screen without straining the eyes.

Remove Dark Patterns

When a visitor arrives at your eCommerce website, they should be made to feel welcome. Whether it’s signing up or making a purchase, it should be an option, not a requirement. As a result, it would improve the user experience if these dark eCommerce UX patterns were avoided once and for all.

Horizontal Filter Display is a New Feature in

Most eCommerce website designs like Shopify website design, which appears to function well so far. However, horizontal filtering options offer convenience and affect the appearance of eCommerce websites. A small adjustment to make things more convenient never hurts, and unusual web designs get noticed.

Column Structures for Obtaining User Information

Adding multiple columns to user entry forms might disrupt the natural flow of data collection. Single column structures should be favored for sign-ups and checkouts because the user’s eyes do not have to figure out which entry to fill out next, resulting in fewer chances of missing a field.

Product Thumbnails

Accumulation of perfectly sized and clear thumbnails at every step of the product identification process (browsing, checkout, review, confirmation emails, order history) is a smart design practice. When a user has many orders, graphic thumbnails in the basket make it easy to identify orders.

Bold Headlines to Get People’s Attention

Getting visitors’ attention in this highly competitive online world has become difficult. This is where eye-catching headlines come in to save the day and make a website stand out. Bolder and highlighted fonts immediately draw attention and help to improve the readability of the content.


Making things work for both your users and your platform is the key to successful UX design. In essence, a well-designed user experience is about guiding a user to the data or resources they require while removing anything that may obstruct their route.

While the goal appears to be universally recognized, achieving it can be a little difficult. If a user cannot locate something, it does not exist for them. Discoverability may help them find it. As a leading eCommerce website development company,

Isynbus strive to create intuitive interfaces and interactions. By making our interfaces more discoverable, we increase the possibility that users will experience and use our content and qualities.


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